🎨 Brandon Walls Olsen

Brandon Walls Olsen


San Francisco.

2009 MFA Fine Arts, California College Of The Arts.
2005 BA Honors Art Practice, UC Berkeley.
2005 BA Psychology, UC Berkeley.

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Seedless. Forthrite Printing, Oakland.
2010 Rotated Views. Sight School, Oakland.
2005 Printed Matter. Curated by Randy Hussong. Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley.

2017 Window. Little Paper Planes, San Francisco.
2012 Five Paintings Walk Into A Bar. Bar 821, San Francisco.
2011 Sunset Scavengers (I. The Gleaners). Curated by Chris Fitzpatrick. Residence at 361 Fair Oaks, San Francisco.
2009 Cal Jam Too (Project Space). Curated by Keith Boadwee. Blankspace, Oakland.

2 & 3-Person Exhibitions
2019 Title TBD. With Jovi Schnell & Sarah Hotchkiss. Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco.
2018 Everything Changes; Nothing Dies. With Julie Lai. Et al., San Francisco.

Group Exhibitions
2019 Alma Mater. Hubbell Street Galleries, California College Of The Arts, San Francisco.
2018 Specific Heat. Curated by Mattson Fields. Borderline Art Collective, San Francisco.
2018 After Work. Curated by Nate Petterson. Palette, San Francisco.
2018 In Tandem. Curated by Maryam Yousif & Laura Rokas. Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco.
2018 Spirited Probabilities. Curated by Mik Gaspay. Southern Exposure, San Francisco.
2015 A New Deal: Continuing The Legacy Of Maritime Art In The Park. Curated by Patrick Gillespie. Maritime Museum, San Francisco.
2013 History's Mortar: Ambition. Curated by Patrick Gillespie. Fort Point, San Francisco.
2013 Site Non-Specific. Curated by Aaron Harbour & Jackie Im. Et al., San Francisco.
2012 Lithuanian Art 2012: 18 Exhibitions: Sparrows. Curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.
2012 How We Leave And Return: Intersections Of Art And History. Curated by Patrick Gillespie. Visitor Center, Angel Island.
2012 The Museum Problem. Curated by Chris Fitzpatrick. Frutta, Rome.
2011 What Happened To The Other Dollar? Curated by Chris Fitzpatrick & Post Brothers. Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City.
2010 BOOM! Juried by Astria Suparak. Southern Exposure, San Francisco.
2010 SC13. Curated by Chris Fitzpatrick & Post Brothers. San Francisco Antique & Design Mall, San Francisco.
2010 (...). Curated by Aaron Harbour & Jackie Im. MacArthur B Arthur, Oakland.
2010 Re-Imagine Re-Build Repeat. Collaboration with Kelly Lynn Jones. Sight School, Oakland.
2010 Living. Curated by Brandon Drew Holmes. 4707 Telegraph (renamed As Is Exhibitions), Oakland.
2009 Interim Infills. Curated by Sally Szwed & Dan Phelan. Big White Truck Gallery, San Francisco.
2009 California College Of The Arts MFA Thesis Show. California College Of The Arts, San Francisco.
2009 Paradox Of The Sets. Club 6, San Francisco.
2007 Florida Is A Death Metal Los Angeles. Curated by Shaun Koplow. Unitard, Los Angeles.
2006 Florida Is A Death Metal Town. Curated by Shaun Koplow. Arspace, San Francisco.
2006 In Print. ABCo Artspace, Oakland.
2005 Honors Studio Show. Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley.

2018 Southern Exposure. Spirited Probabilities.
2017 Little Paper Planes. Exclusive Print Series. Available through the shop.
2013 Harbour, Aaron and Jackie Im. Site Non-Specific. Et Al. Publications. Available through the gallery.
2012 Post Brothers. The Museum Problem. Frutta. Distributed through Motto Berlin.
2010 Harbour, Aaron and Jackie Im. (...).

2018 Hotchkiss, Sarah. Casually Assured Artworks Grace Et al. in ‘Everything Changes’. KQED Arts.
2017 Haas, Maggie. Now Featuring Brandon Walls Olsen. Little Paper Planes.
2013 Burr, Miguel. New Conversations: Talking in Circles with Post Brothers. Decoy.
2012 Carlson, Michelle. How We Leave and Return: Intersections of Art and History. Art Practical.
2011 Harbour, Aaron. Residence//Brandon Walls Olsen. Curiously Direct.
2011 Valencia, Natalia. A Riddle Exhibition. Kaleidoscope Blog.
2010 Hewicker, Scott. ParaSites: SC13. SFMOMA Open Space.
2010 Noz, Raphael. Interview with Artist Brandon Walls Olsen. Atelier Visit.
2009 Hyun, Michelle Y.. Temporarily Full. ArtSlant.
2009 Asher, Lani. 2009 CCA MFA Exhibition. Shotgun Review.

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